Thursday, August 14, 2008

Professional Service is the Key

As a Cosmetologist, I am dedicated to the over all care and health of my clients' hair. In today's busy life schedule, hair maintenance can be time consuming and frustrating. Here is where the professional cosmetologist does his/her thing. They should be able to profile clients and custom fit the client to a hair care regimen that is best suited for their life's schedule. We perform a service that can beautify as well as enhance a client's most outstanding features, but if not taken into consideration can be devastating to the client. Taking pride in our work is essential to the service we perform.

Word of mouth can be a good advertiser, therefore, taking time with each and every client, making him/her feel like they are your only client helps to build a rapport. They will more than likely tell family, friends and co-workers about you.

The salon is a place of business and should be treated in a professional business manner. The owner and the employees need to set the standard and the tone for the salon. It should be a place of relaxation, soothing music, gentile and calming application.

So the next time you make a salon visit look for all the things that make you comfortable. Be observant, you are paying for an all encompassing service, it’s not only about the hair; it’s about the atmosphere as well.

Until the next time -

Relax and enjoy! You should be treated as you deserve and don’t settle for less.



bre said...

Hey Girl,

Great idea and nice job. I'll be checking your blog out from time to time. I know, I know I have to call you with an appointment date. Let me work it out and you'll be hearing from me shortly. Take care and keep up the good work!!!

AvaByGrace said...

What's up girlfriend. Are you on vacation? We are thirsting for some professional hair advice....get blogging..LOL!